Since I wrote this article some 6+ months ago, Webb, Goodman & Negron have branched off and have been increasingly independent from each other.

In the interest of fairness, while I have had cause for concern on some of the information presented collectively in the past, I accept that each individual is an individual and each deserves to be judged on their own merits as they stand today and as they demonstrate going forward.

I am currently working on a broader, more up-to-date article focusing on the information and techniques we see used to manipulate/deceive from many different sources with tips on how to spot falsehoods and assess the legitimacy of the information we are presented online. This will be universally applicable and will deal with more up-to-date topics.

A link to that will appear here soon.

-- AC --

The Webb of Deceit: Crowd-Sourced Confusion

By Adam Carter --- June 7th, 2017

George Webb has been playing many people for fools for a long time, I'm sorry to any who are offended by this but it is true and I can demonstrate it to you. - It is, in fact, part of the purpose of this article (to inform and explain, citing examples to support assertions made).

This is something I'd have reported on sooner but I actually avoided Webb's videos as I found them to be distracting, confusing & misleading. This wasn't because I was unfamiliar with the facts presented but because Webb tries to bamboozle his audience in a variety of ways, something that only became clear to me now that I've reviewed more of his videos.

I did try to consider a less sinister possibility at first, that Webb may have just been frantically covering many topics and being disorganized. This weekend, though, it was difficult to ignore the drama that unfolded (which for me, first started when I pointed out a "new" archive was just the old NGP-VAN files).

I soon found that I was dealing with a stubborn Webb follower insisting that technically implausible things were true. This was followed by another that had been led to believe there was a secret 'second' password for the archive that would expose other files (absolute bullshit, btw), then another who was convinced there were new encrypted files, then another and another.

I wondered what could be was causing this wave of misinformed souls. So many people that were clearly getting fed bullshit from somewhere. To try to clear things up for people, I tweeted:

Only mistake I made there was saying 600mb rather than 678.4mb but in the overall context and compared to the claims I was challenging, it's a forgiveable mistake.

I posted up links to the original torrent uploaded back in September of 2016 to the Pirate Bay and then proceeded to carry out a comparison on the 2 different sets of files once folders were extracted.

The only "new" files were lock files, there were 4 of them and each was 94 bytes in size. Going further I even said they were likely timestomped and inserted, they weren't in the original archive. - Sure enough, today, I discovered Webb trying to use these inserted files as evidence, I can't believe what a farce the whole George Webb thing is.

Defango vs George Webb & Jason Goodman

One of Webb's followers then asked me "what makes your information better than Webb's and Defango's?" So, I thought I'd better go and see what he had said. Fortunately, Defango had just posted up a video correcting the Webb/Goodman nonsense and was giving the same conclusions I just gave.

Defango seemed pretty cool, his observations were legitimate, so I thought I'd go check out what was said by Webb/Goodman and see if they misinterpreted or misquoted him. It was time to endure a full Webb video from start to finish.

My First Webb Video Watched All The Way Through

For the first time ever, I forced myself to watch a full Webb video, the first of several I would be watching over the weekend. I found a significant number of problems with claims being made within a couple of minutes of watching and the quality of the information being pushed out immediately concerned me.

UPDATE: My 3rd point above was actually invalid due to the presence of 2 executable files in the archive. These were "fs2comma.exe" and "comma2fs.exe". The original archive (from TPB), Webb's 1.03Gb version and another version hosted on (542Mb) all contained the same versions, these are known versions that have existed since 2012 (possibly earlier)

So, no Pandemic infection but there were executable files.

Thank you to c.t.alhambra for bringing this to my attention.

Defango vs George Webb & Jason Goodman - Drama Escalates

As soon as I finished watching the video and compiled the list of flaws I had discovered, I went back on Twitter and soon realized drama was escalating, all because Defango had the audacity to tell the truth and contradict Webb/Goodman.

Minutes later, I'm watching videos of an emotionally unstable man yelling for Kim Dotcom and Defango to "show me the meta data!" and other equally angry and ambiguous demands. It was a ridiculous theatrical performance on Goodman's part and the worst thing, it was attention grabbing attempt to prop up disinformation.

Defango's response was understandable disbelief along with many on YouTube and not just limited to his subscribers. The drama continued and was followed by Jason yelling "Who Spoofed The Seth Rich Files?!" over files that were old NGP-VAN files with no demonstrable link to anything relevant to the Seth Rich murder. It was a step too far even for many of Webb's followers and subscribers.

I noticed on YouTube and Twitter something great was happening - people, finally, were questioning all the bullshit Webb had been feeding them for so long. The feigned outrage from Goodman and the demonstrable lies that both Goodman and Webb were pushing had backfired.

What If We Exclude Jason Goodman's Theatrical Performances?

On Monday, June 5th, 2016, I watched another Webb video, it resulted in me tweeting the following objections, these were all on comments Webb had made:

I also noticed that Webb was bombarding people with unrelated facts about different people, events, dates, places, etc., he then speculated a lot about connections between them and would finish up encouraging his audience to 'figure it out' - which, of course, generated a lot of noisy speculation from which Webb could then promote the most plausible sounding distractions.

What if the Weekend Was Just A Crazy One-Off Due To Drinking?

Curious to know if this was an isolated incident, I checked back over older videos of Webb's. - Straight away I saw the same patterns occurring and after checking a few more, it became very clear to me: George Webb is a viral "partial hangout".

A "partial hangout" uses existing known/established facts mixed with misleading speculation, unsubstantiated claims and even outright lies so that it causes chaos and confusion. By employing his audience, this also meant the noise and chaos of the "partial hangout" was amplified by a devout audience that became increasingly invested in the apparent findings and conclusions of the crowd they were a part of, this helped the disinformation and misconceptions spread far and wide with many inherently feeling a need to defend it.

Even what they present as revelations (eg. having "Codename: KERPLUNK" tell us recently about the Harry Walker Agency) are usually old facts being recycled just to keep you believing in the sideshow.


In conclusion, I have seen more than enough now to be able to give a proper evaluation. Webb is giving you a chaotic mixture of disparate and often unrelated facts, partial facts, unsubstantiated claims and outright lies. He then speculates intensely and finally, he encourages his audience to debate on that speculation. By pretending to be obtuse, he can hide behind the crowd-sourced effort and blame his own audience for anything misleading.

Hopefully Webb and Goodman have both spewed enough demonstrable lies now that their audience(s) will see what a joke their investigation efforts are and no longer submit to the psychological abuse they've been subjected to. Hundreds of videos watched and the only unique revelations (facts not already established elsewhere) his subscribers and followers can cite are those based on conflations, speculation or that are demonstrably false. - This is the opposite of being informed and should be regarded as a clear warning sign about the integrity of Webb's investigation.

Defango exposed the deceit that Webb/Goodman have been peddling, he did this by simply telling the truth (as I can attest to and demonstrate easily, not that Defango can't prove it himself, I'm very sure he can).

Who To Trust?, What To Think?

The information war is real and we're already seeing causalties. It's getting ugly and it may get even more messed up very soon, possibly with fabricated evidence pushed to (or possibly generated by) intelligence agencies and subsequently reported by the mainstream press as being genuine (if it hasn't just happened already).

To try to help people evalutate information sources more effectively, I will be writing some articles soon about propaganda, deception and misdirection, detailing techniques used to fool us and some tips on how to identify manipulation disguised as impartial information. (I'll also be providing some links to independent media sources that I've grown to trust as there are some great people out there that care about giving legitimate information to their audiences, that are properly investigating things and whose work and efforts are far more worthy of attention than most of the crap the MSM churns out to it's gullible audiences)