UPDATES (May 17th)

The Guccifer 2.0 Advisory Sent To Every US Senator
Today, I've published an update on my efforts to reach out to US senators and to make sure all are informed about the new evidence discovered over the last few months. - I wish I could say I'd had a great response but I haven't and honestly, I wasn't expecting to, but I had to do it if I expect anyone else to try or to follow it up with communications of their own.

If you'd like to help and contact your senator to make sure they're aware of the new evidence, details on how to contact them are provided in the article. - The article will be updated every couple of days with any new responses received, etc.

Updates from May 14th

New 3rd Party Theory: The Russians Fabricated Russian Fingerprints
An alternate explanation for the fabricated fingerprints has surfaced. I was going to write an article but will just add a section to the FAQs tomorrow instead..

Phase #4 Continued
I've written to the DoJ to share the discoveries made, explained that the conclusions here are able to consistently explain every anomaly, action and statement of Guccifer 2.0's (which even the ODNI/DHS assessments are unable to make sense of), that the evidence of intent is verifiable and some suggestions on where I would probe to clarify certain key factors pertinent to identifying where Guccifer 2.0's initial dodgy docs were created.

Responses from Senators so far will be covered in a new article coming soon.

Phase #5 Preparation
Multiple identities spanning numerous domains possibly connected to a homeland security focused university (and immediately subsequent to a raid carried out on a website and it's former operator by a federal agency last year) appear to want to have themselves outed for reasons I'll explain in 15 days time (assuming the MSM persist in citing assessments without qualifying that recently discovered evidence now raises doubts about the veracity of those assessments).

Guccifer 2.0's choice of OS for Creating RTF Docs - Likely To Be Windows
It seems Guccifer 2.0 was using the Windows version of MS-Office to generate the RTF docs based on presence and absence of certain control words (saveprevpict, fswiss, etc) and other factors. - FAQs updated accordingly, thanks to Steve Cunningham for providing additional docs to analyze.

Updates from May 9th

Moving Hosts Soon

The hosts (CI) agreed to provide cover for my efforts because the site was getting attacked frequently on another shared server. However, it was only ever supposed to be a temporary arrangement and I've overstayed my welcome (a director of another company's name being thrown around in Twitter when people are trying to ascertain my personal identity didn't help matters) so the site will be moving to another host again soon. There shouldn't be any interruption to the site being available during that transition.

Contacting Your Senators

If any of you want to contact your state Senators and let them know that you want them to look into the new Guccifer 2.0 evidence, please do so. - You can contact your Senators (with the exception of Luther Strange R-AL) via the links on the following site:


Having filled in contact forms on the sites of the available 99 senators within the last 48 hours, I can confirm that they all seem to be working.

Why contact the whole Senate? - So that Senators outside of the intelligence and judiciary committees know that there are questions that should be asked by their colleagues and so that those colleagues inside such committees are encouraged to challenge the flawed intel provided in the DHS/ODNI assessments released on January 6th, which is repeatedly referenced by USIC agency leaders when they are questioned about the attribution to Russian intelligence agencies.

Updates from May 8th

MSM Blackout on RSID Evidence Reaches Day #80

Every US Senator has a right to know about the existence of the evidence of Guccifer 2.0's genuine intent - which, to date, has not even been mentioned in the senate intelligence or judiciary committees on the subject of Russian influence in the US election.

To commemorate 80 days of MSM silence, every US Senators' office will be contacted and notified of this site's existence.

Updates from May 4th

On May 3rd, 2016 - James Comey, head of the FBI:

  • Mislead the senate while under oath about Wikileaks never calling them.
  • Reiterated debunked claims regarding Guccifer 2.0 having ties to Russian intelligence.
  • Declined to provide updated information.

If Comey wishes to persist with this futility, he should at least explain why the FBI just lazily adopted the assessments of private security firms, including several assertions that have since been demonstrated as inaccurate and should explain in detail why the FBI failed to check and verify all the claims made - because it's clear from my research, they certainly did not.

Admittedly, the Senate could actually try to inquire on the topics raised here, especially the "Evidence of Intent" article and the assertions therein - but to date, they haven't appeared to attempt this.

There will be further action taken in response to this.

Updates from May 3rd:

New article posted about a Ukraine meeting at the White House on June 15th

New DMs from multiple sources and other updates are coming soon.