The Guccifer 2.0 Advisory Sent To Every US Senator

By Adam Carter --- May 17th, 2017

On the 9th-10th of May I contacted 99 US senators, the other senator was contacted 2 days ago. Contact was made using forms available via

In almost every case the following message was sent:

I am emailing every US senator to make sure all are aware of the information provided by Guccifer 2.0 debunking site

Specifically, I'm trying to make sure that every senator is informed of the information provided on the following page:

It shows that Guccifer 2.0's "Russian Fingerprints" were actually fabricated in a methodical, sequential, 2-stage process that certainly was not indicative of any accidental 'tainting' of the files.

Further information provided also indicates where Guccifer 2.0's first files were more likely to have been created and who is really likely to have been behind the Guccifer 2.0 operation.

To date, nobody in the USIC, MSM, Congress or the Senate have raised the evidence presented on the web site and yet it is legitimate and even verifiable.

Please could you confirm receipt of this email (if not automatically provided by your contact form system)

The one exception was the message to Luther Strange separately 2 days ago, where I mentioned that Guccifer 2.0 was an effort to discredit Wikileaks preemptively.

With the exception of 2-3 individuals, half have given no response at all and the other half have only provided automated responses. Of the few that did provide a response beyond the automated receipt notification, all but one appeared to ignore the evidence being raised and responded with a cookie-cutter response (and so I've retained "auto" as the status for this because what they have sent does not constitute a proper, coherent response to the issue being raised).

Of course, I will now proceed to try to contact all of the unresponsive senators in a less subtle manner, however, there is only so much I can hope to achieve alone. I've tried to reach out to every senator and will persist but it's fair to assume that many will care little for communications from someone outside of their state and especially from outside the country. - So, I'm calling on all who are willing, to contact your Senators and make sure they acknowledge and respond to the new evidence. - I think mentioning that Guccifer 2.0 was an effort to preemptively smear Wikileaks before they had a chance to verify and publish the DNC Leaks may also be important to include.

Why Contact The Whole Senate?

This is necessary so that senators outside of the intelligence and judiciary committees know that there are questions that should be asked by their colleagues and so that those colleagues inside such committees are encouraged to challenge the flawed intel provided in the DHS/ODNI assessments released on January 6th, which has been repeatedly referenced by USIC leaders when they are questioned about the attribution to Russian intelligence agencies.

Those that had auto-responders thanking me for contacting them about something I did not contact them for:

Those that didn't acknowledge what I was contacting them for but had an auto-responder that pushed the mainstream narrative at me:

Those that have responded with a genuine response to my communications so far:

Status & Links To Responses for Each Senator

State Senator Party Receipt Response Link
Alabama Richard Shelby R No None  
Alabama Luther Strange R Yes A genuine response! link
Alaska Lisa Murkowski R No None  
Alaska Dan Sullivan R No None  
Arizona John McCain R No None  
Arizona Jeff Flake R Auto N/A link
Arkansas John Boozman R Auto N/A link
Arkansas Tom Cotton R Auto N/A link
California Dianne Feinstein D No None  
California Kamala Harris D No None  
Colorado Michael Bennet D Auto N/A link
Colorado Cory Gardner R Auto N/A link
Connecticut Richard Blumenthal D No None  
Connecticut Chris Murphy D Auto N/A link
Delaware Tom Carper D Auto N/A link
Delaware Chris Coons D No None  
Florida Bill Nelson D No None  
Florida Marco Rubio R Auto N/A link
Georgia Johnny Isakson R No None  
Georgia David Perdue R No None  
Hawaii Brian Schatz D Auto N/A link
Hawaii Mazie Hirono D No None  
Idaho Mike Crapo R No None  
Idaho Jim Risch R Auto N/A link
Illinois Dick Durbin D No None  
Illinois Tammy Duckworth D No None  
Indiana Joe Donnelly D Auto N/A link
Indiana Todd Young R Auto Themed Auto-Response
Even references the ODNI/DHS Assessments the new evidence discredits.
Iowa Chuck Grassley R Auto N/A link
Iowa Joni Ernst R Auto N/A link
Kansas Pat Roberts R Auto N/A link
Kansas Jerry Moran R No None  
Kentucky Mitch McConnell R No None  
Kentucky Rand Paul R No None  
Louisiana Bill Cassidy R No None  
Louisiana John N. Kennedy R No None  
Maine Susan Collins R Auto N/A link
Maine Angus King I Auto N/A link
Maryland Ben Cardin D No None  
Maryland Chris Van Hollen D No None  
Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren D No None  
Massachusetts Ed Markey D Auto N/A link
Michigan Debbie Stabenow D No None  
Michigan Gary Peters D No None  
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar D No None  
Minnesota Al Franken D Auto N/A link
Mississippi Thad Cochran R No None  
Mississippi Roger Wicker R No None  
Missouri Claire McCaskill D No None  
Missouri Roy Blunt R No None  
Montana Jon Tester D No None  
Montana Steve Daines R No None  
Nebraska Deb Fischer R No None  
Nebraska Ben Sasse R Auto N/A link
Nevada Dean Heller R No None  
Nevada Catherine Cortez Masto D No None  
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen D Auto N/A link
New Hampshire Maggie Hassan D Auto N/A link
New Jersey Bob Menendez D Auto N/A link
New Jersey Cory Booker D No None  
New Mexico Tom Udall D No None  
New Mexico Martin Heinrich D No None  
New York Chuck Schumer D No None  
New York Kirsten Gillibrand D Auto N/A link
North Carolina Richard Burr R No None  
North Carolina Thom Tillis R Auto Themed Auto-Response
No ackowledgement, just spews the mainstream narrative at me.
North Dakota John Hoeven R Auto N/A link
North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp D Auto N/A link
Ohio Sherrod Brown D Auto N/A link
Ohio Rob Portman R Auto Themed Auto-Response
Thanks me for contacting him about an issue I was NOT contacting him about.
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe R No None  
Oklahoma James Lankford R Auto N/A link
Oregon Ron Wyden D Auto Themed Auto-Response
No ackowledgement, just spews the mainstream narrative at me.
Oregon Jeff Merkley D Auto N/A link
Pennsylvania Bob Casey Jr. D Auto Themed Auto-Response
No ackowledgement, just spews the mainstream narrative at me.
Pennsylvania Pat Toomey R No None  
Rhode Island Jack Reed D No None  
Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse D No None  
South Carolina Lindsey Graham R Auto Themed Auto-Response
Thanks me for contacting him about an issue I was NOT contacting him about.
South Carolina Tim Scott R No None  
South Dakota John Thune R No None  
South Dakota Mike Rounds R No None  
Tennessee Lamar Alexander R Auto N/A link
Tennessee Bob Corker R Auto N/A link
Texas John Cornyn R Auto Themed Auto-Response
Responds with a wall of text about Russia and Iran and how it was a mistake Obama "reset" relations between nations.
Texas Ted Cruz R Auto N/A link
Utah Orrin Hatch R Auto N/A link
Utah Mike Lee R No None  
Vermont Patrick Leahy D No None  
Vermont Bernie Sanders I No None  
Virginia Mark Warner D Auto N/A link
Virginia Tim Kaine D No None  
Washington Patty Murray D No None  
Washington Maria Cantwell D No None  
West Virginia Joe Manchin D Auto N/A link
West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito R No None  
Wisconsin Ron Johnson R No None  
Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin D Auto N/A link
Wyoming Mike Enzi R No None  
Wyoming John Barrasso R No None