Dispute Affects: Robbin Young DMs With Guccifer 2.0
Dispute Basis: Potential Manipulation / Manufacturing of Evidence
Current Status: Inconclusive

Hannibal Moot of BullTruth Magazine has written an article titled: "The Guccifer 2.0 Chat Hoax" that looks at some anomalies in the images that Robbin has released into the public domain.

UPDATE (29 August 2017):

Earlier this month I was contacted regarding some other instances of images (see: this and this) occurring with the same anomalies. This is important as it could be indicative of a common process that results in the images having such anomalies and could serve to vindicate Robbin with regards to her initial set of images.

UPDATE (23 June 2017):

On May 29th, Robbin started releasing new DM screen captures that she has referred to as 'Uncropped'.

Following this, Hannibal Moot continued to produce a series of articles covering this (as well as covering DMs from Aaron Nevins that had similar anomalies on them to those originally produced by Robbin). - The findings are mixed. - Certainly, the new DMs seem to be clearer and lack the anomalies of the original images produced but at least one of the new images did raise further questions. - We lack explanations for both old and new anomalies.

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If any further evidence (exculpatory or inculpatory) emerges this page will be updated.