Open Letter To CrowdStrike

I've sent emails, tweets and even called and been told I'd get a call back. - It's never happened and some pressing questions I have regarding CrowdStrike's investigation on the DNC network remained unanswered. - I feel the questions are important to have answered and so have resorted to a public, open-letter as a means of contacting you.

Dear CrowdStrike,

I have reached out to you via your press@ email address and tried calling a few times but my calls were not returned and I have queries regarding the malware found on the DNC Network in 2016 (and other work with the DNC around that time) that remain unanswered that I would like to try to get answers on:

Please could you provide as much information as you are willing to disclose on any/all of the above?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Adam Carter
ac.researching [at]